Tips for hiring driveway specialist

Driveways have a considerable impact on the appearance of your house. You should choose the driveway designs and material very carefully so that it is under your budget, serves its purpose and makes your house look beautiful.

But most of all you need to choose a contractor that is best able to deliver what you are looking for and spending money on. Here are some basic tips that will help to get through the vendor selection phase for your driveway.

Get Multiple Estimates

A general rule of thumb when tackling any home improvement project, this tip applies to driveways in particular. Get at least three quotes on your project. Even if you have a favorite contractor, or want to use the same company your neighbor hired, get a few more quotes in order to compare warranty, price and project inclusions.

Let each contractor know you are obtaining multiple quotes, and set a time limit for your comparisons. Gather the quotes together as they come in and rank them based on the initial meeting, professionalism of the quotation, price and other important elements of the project based on your preferences.
When comparing these quotes, check for inconsistencies in the work for, instance are all the contractors using the same asphalt mix.

Inquire about the Contractor's Reputation

Word of mouth remains the best form of advertising for contracting companies, but it also helps consumers to choose wisely. When choosing whom to call, or when comparing the various quotes you have obtained, be sure to dig for the contractor's reputation around town.

Check their website and local listing in the phone book. How long has the company been in business? Did the estimator supply a list of notable customers? Have they completed any work in your neighborhood?
These basic questions give you a profile of the reputation. Plan to conduct further research on your preferred contractor before signing the contract.

The Experience of the Contractor is Vital

Although the general reputation helps to narrow down your choices, homeowners should have in-depth information about the contractor before making their final decision.
Start with the sales staff or estimators. How many years have they been in the industry? Can they handle your questions and educate you on the processes?

The installation crew needs to have experience as well, with at least one well trained crew leader on site at all times. Ask for the name of that contact.

Certain questions help you to gauge the experience of a contractor. Ask about any local bylaws regarding heavy trucks and machinery and find out whether the contractor will obtain the necessary permits. Find out what asphalt mix will be used, and what thickness you can expect. If the contractor cannot confidently answer these questions then you know you have to move to the next option available.

Scheduling the installation

Good driveway contractors often book up quickly. Remember that weather and other factors can shorten the installation season, but an experienced paving contractor should be able to provide an estimated start date.

Some contractors can offer immediate service, tempting you to pay more or settle for lesser quality work. Although timing is important, always remember that quality workmanship and durable materials are worth the wait. Be wary of too good to be true scheduling offers.

Get a written Contract for the Record!

Many disreputable paving contractors have such a catchy and professional sales pitch that they can fool even the most astute customers. Protect yourself by insisting on a written contract before paying any deposit or signing any papers.


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